Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Turning Humans into Remote Controlled Zombies With Vaccines

This is mind blowing. Watch the video.


Remote brain control via the Covid vaccine is going to eventually be possible (within years) if it is not possible now. First a A two minute teaser taken from the main video and if that's interesting to you, see the main video here. This is not fruitcakery, it was a military briefing done at West Point. The speaker actually talks about encoding DNA for remote control of people. It absolutely can happen. It is well worth a one hour watch. If you only have a half hour, start it at 32 minutes

This is the spookiest thing ever produced, FROM WEST POINT, the guy is legit, the Corona vax really can be used as a remote control mind control shot, with everyone tied to a central system.

If this was a hoax, it would not have ended up at West Point.