Friday, March 12, 2021

Dr. Judy Mikovits Assaulted and Arrested by Airport Cops

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

OAMF President Stephanie Stock received a text just 30 minutes ago from Dr. Judy Mikovits who has been featured in multiple documentaries showcasing fraud in the pharmaceutical industry and Dr. Fauci's research, and was most recently featured in "Plandemic"....

Yesterday American Airlines had her arrested on trespass charges for refusing to mask for medical reasons.

"I'm ok, but, I was arrested yesterday for refusing to wear toxic paper mask on a plane. I was targeted as I had flown in silver masks 3 other times."

"Officer used excessive force injuring my left elbow, arm, and ribs."

"I'm going back to doc tomorrow. My arm is very bad."

"We will go to COURT and WE WILL WIN so that this never happens again!"

Dr. Judy Mikovits

OAMF is planning an exclusive interview with Judy in the next two days so you can get all the details of what she had to endure!

Please keep Judy in your prayers as the injuries that were sustained during her arrest are quite painful. Our hearts go out to her for standing against medical tyranny.

4 hrs ·
OAMF's interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits for 1:30 today has been CANCELLED.

While we would all like the specifics on what happened to her, she has been advised by her lawyer NOT speak about the incident publicly until the hearing as she has been criminally charged by American Airlines for "trespassing".

Her Hearing date is April 15.

Judy wants us to let you all know she is very thankful for your thoughts and prayers.

"Please thank everyone for their 🙏's and say my arm is being taken care of by docs and my lawyer David Follin is defending me. I will be exonerated!"

We will follow up with Judy for an interview once it is safe for her to do so. Thank you.


One of my local contacts is a good friend of Dr. Judy Mikovits and spoke with her on the phone last night. My contact relayed this message in an email to me:
"She was hurt pretty badly by airport rent a cops. She is suing the crap out of all... airline stewardess is going to go down big time. It was a hate crime."